We can manufacture these boxes in any size or colour to suit your specific requirements. Click here for more details.

Acid Free Trays

Acid Free trays are very popular in the museum sector and are largely used for storing small artifacts. We have two variations of construction. Our traditional tray is fully covered using a acid free paper and are hand made. These come in a large range of sizes and are mostly ordered via our bespoke service offering. The second is a die cut solution that is uncovered which helps keeps the cost down as these are genuinely bought in large quantities. Made from a acid free folding box board of 650 micron which when assembled has a double wall thickness of 1300 micron. These can either be assembled or sent out flat pack. See a selection of our most popular sizes but do contact us if you can not find the size you require. Both styles of trays come with the option of a archival polyester lid which we make inhouse.